Yagyu Jubei - Hyakka Ryoran [Alter]

Since my competitive exams are over, at least the written ones though, I can go back to doing photshoots and writing reviews, yay!


Here's Yagyu Jubei by Alter, in my opinion one of the 2009 best 1/8 scaled figure with BRS and Saber Lily.



Jubei is a blue-eyed red-haired samourai girl from the series Hyakka Ryoran, which I don't know anything, except for having a rather nice character-design.



Her blue eyes are really pretty and she's wearing a slight red make-up on them that fits perfectly her hair color.




The details of the white ropes on her back is stunning: it does look so realistic!


A Hello-like pose? :o



Ropes on her hair... unexpectedly a nice touch, with a lovely red pearl.




Ropes on her thighs, ropes on her katana, ropes everywhere!


Somehow the red rope looks like a snake that is twisting itself around her sword.
Hum, her outfit is way too short...

Is that supposed to be a tongue? guess so, since the artwork Jubei comes from represents her sticking out her tongue. :o


Yagyu Jubei.jpg

Here's an official overall pic of Jubei, since I tend to prefer taking close-up shots (taking macro pics is so much fun, yay).


Yagyu Jubei is definitely a must-have, and if you don't own her already, now's your chance since she's getting a re-run by next August!


Black ★ Rock Shooter [GSC]

Today I was lent a Canon Ixus with a nice macro system that I wanted to try on one of my favorite figure: Black ★ Rock Shooter, the very 1st and only worthy version for me.



I guess you all know about her, but Black ★ Rock Shooter (aka BRS) is a character created by huke who got famous thanks to Vocaloid Miku Hatsune's song "Black ★ Rock Shooter". Although there might be a slight resemblance between Miku and her, she isn't related to her in any way (except for the song's mv that links both).


Why am I saying that this is the only version that is worthy? well that's because to me, the blade version looks like a cheap version of her, and the anime version doesn't respect huke's chara-design very much (the eyes look off).


In that version, BRS has gorgeous captivating eyes with a beautiful gradient blue that catches the eye. Not to mention the really cool blue flame!


The skin is paler than it actually is on the figure, but I kinda think it fits well the cyberpunk atmosphere that BRS radiates.


Gloomy scar, isn't it? Unfortunately, the color is too bright to be realistic - the scars looked better on the prototype...


Nice pair of boots!


BRS is way too skinny, her legs are almost as thin as her arms! >o<


Brr, I'm cold for her...


A nice reverse zipper that unveils a black bikini top - any DFC (Delicious Flat Chest) lovers, here?



The flame is removable - actually it's stuck on the bangs so that you can easily remove it. Though there's no way I'm gonna do it, she's way cooler with her flame on!



I love her floating black coat, it makes her even more charismatic!




Did I mention that I love that flame?


Her hair is amazingly sculpted and the paint is really good: a dark tone with blue reflects on asymetrical twin tails that float in a very dynamic movement.



Huh, those chains... were a pain in the a** to settle in!


The base is really stunning! crisp details for a broken checkerboard floor, and for a huge cannon which material looks realistic.


Fan of BRS? buy her! not fan of her? buy her regardless! :D she is really worth it! a masterpiece by goodsmile company, expected to be joined by her enemy Dead Master, by this fall (find her preview below).



Lelouch Lamperouge ~ Zero - Code Geass [Megahouse]

Fausse joie en recevant un colis d'une taille anormale après 30 jours d'attente : non seulement ce n'est toujours pas Yami (52 jours d'attente...), mais en plus, ce colis inaugure ma toute première douane...

Je <3 trop la poste... >__<

Enfin bref, ne boudons pas notre plaisir de voir Zero en chair et en PVC, d'autant qu'il le mérite bien...


Personnage principal du prolifique anime Code Geass, dont la license a été d'ailleurs récemment acquise en France, Lelouch Lamperouge incarne ici Zero, heros masqué dont le sens de la justice lui est bien propre... puisqu'il peut contrôler quiconque grâce à sa pupille écarlate (Geass), pouvoir qui lui a été donné par une mystérieuse sorcière à la vie éternelle...


En plus d'inaugurer ma toute 1ère taxe douanière (sic), Zero inaugure la nouvelle collection "G.E.M." lancée par l'éditeur Megahouse, collection se composant exclusivement de mâââles, et principalement dirigée envers nous, collectionneuses de bishies <3


Présenté à l'échelle 1/8, Zero arbore fièrement un visage fin et un corps longiligne caractéristique du trait du studio CLAMP.


Pas de costume de Zero sans bien sûr, sa longue cape rouge, son masque, et petit bonus, son épée dans son fourreau orné d'une authentique chaînette dorée.

Les dorures sur son costume sont particulièrement réussies.


Oops, quelqu'un aurait subtilisé le masque de Zero contre un micro cadeau ? >__> hum, après la tronçonneuse, le masque de Zero, hein Pita...


J'ai eu un peu de mal à régler la balance des blancs sans altérer les couleurs de la figurine... >_<


Zero est livré avec une paire de bras supplémentaire et un visage alternatif sans le Geass, mais comme vous êtes désormais habitués à ma fainéantise légendaire, vous comprendrez bien entendu que je n'ai pas eu envie de les changer :D


Cte classe, quand même !


Chapeau bas pour le visage qui respecte parfaitement le chara-design de CLAMP : des yeux très détaillés, des cheveux bien définis (quoique pas assez sombres à mon goût... )



Fan de bishies ? de mecha ? d'anti-héros ? de BG ? de yaoi ? (ouaip, je suis sûre que vous avez dû voir quelques allusions à un certain Lelouch x Spinzaku :P )
Ou tout simplement fan de figurines bien réalisées et qui en jettent ?
Zero est fait pour vous !

edit : pour ceux qui voudraient quand bien même pouvoir admirer Zero en pieds, voir la review de Meronpan ;)