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Yagyu Jubei - Hyakka Ryoran [Alter]

Since my competitive exams are over, at least the written ones though, I can go back to doing photshoots and writing reviews, yay!


Here's Yagyu Jubei by Alter, in my opinion one of the 2009 best 1/8 scaled figure with BRS and Saber Lily.



Jubei is a blue-eyed red-haired samourai girl from the series Hyakka Ryoran, which I don't know anything, except for having a rather nice character-design.



Her blue eyes are really pretty and she's wearing a slight red make-up on them that fits perfectly her hair color.




The details of the white ropes on her back is stunning: it does look so realistic!


A Hello-like pose? :o



Ropes on her hair... unexpectedly a nice touch, with a lovely red pearl.




Ropes on her thighs, ropes on her katana, ropes everywhere!


Somehow the red rope looks like a snake that is twisting itself around her sword.
Hum, her outfit is way too short...

Is that supposed to be a tongue? guess so, since the artwork Jubei comes from represents her sticking out her tongue. :o


Yagyu Jubei.jpg

Here's an official overall pic of Jubei, since I tend to prefer taking close-up shots (taking macro pics is so much fun, yay).


Yagyu Jubei is definitely a must-have, and if you don't own her already, now's your chance since she's getting a re-run by next August!


Your macro pics really highlight the nice details of this figure.
Interesting remark about the tongue: I still see it as a lip even if she's sticking out her tongue on the original artwork. If she really sticked out her tongue, it would not have been serious.
Do you plan to get Megahouse's version? She should have a snake sword =3

Écrit par : jintoo | 28/05/2010

Thanks! Jubei sure has lots of sharp details.
About the lip, that's what I first thought, but, isn't it a bit bulgy compared with her upper lip?
I heard about the Megahouse version but you know I don't like collecting twice or more a character which I already own the figure ^^;
Plus, I'm gradually starting to stop spending all my money on figures (except for Nendos, I guess I'm really a Nendo-addict... ).

Écrit par : Yuina | 29/05/2010

Tiens tien, j'aime beaucoup cette nouvelle version du site. Et puis Jubei, quelle merveille. J'aime beaucoup le chara design du personnage, et j'attends de voir les photos de la version de Megahouse (sait-on jamais, même si je préfère Alter) ^^ Jolies photos miss !

Écrit par : Leonia | 31/05/2010

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